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 DAY #1 

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You Will Have Your Ever-Green Winning Niche

The benefits of sub-niching & How to do that…

Psychology of the buyer in your niche…

4 most important RULEs that confirms a niche to become a winning niche

64 winning niche ideas

All These Will Help You In:

Creating more engaged audience

Create a high-quality subscriber list

Creating your brand loyalty

Selling more products will become easy 

Creating your own product

Making you an authority in the market place

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 DAY #2 

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Pain points of your customers & Market Demand - READY

You will implement 2 powerful strategies that will help you identify the pain points of your customers.

You will parallelly work with me on 1 proven step-by-step process to identify Demand in the market for your product


 DAY #3 

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Your Own ON-DEMAND, High-Value Product - READY

The exact 7 rules to name your product step-by-step

3 Step process, to help you create your end-to-end blueprint for FASTER-RESULT

2 Phases – Create all your videos (Even you are camera shy & even you have never created any videos before)

A complete crash-course on Editing your videos (ZERO experience & ZERO tech knowledge)

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 DAY #4 

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This Is Where You Will Pocket $16,000 Every Year

Your Complete Course Delivery System- READY

Proven 5 step formula to write a sales page that talks directly to the buyer’s psychology and train them to become a confirmed lead

Create a highly converting sales page for your product, with ZERO-Tech knowledge

Create most powerful membership site, with multiple CTA inside your videos (Make sales in auto-pilot)

Setup Your Autoresponder sequence - Automating Email Delivery system

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 DAY #5 

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Get QUALIFIED Leads From Day 6 - FREE

How I got 179 Pre Qualified Leads For One of My Coaching Businesses in just 27 Days Absolutely FREE.

Follow the PROVEN 6-Steps Formula - To get your Pre Qualified Leads, who are already interested in your Product

Continue To Focus on the same strategy, to increase the conversion rate and bring more leads for FREE

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(Unlock Level #2 To Find Out How To Access The "Fast-Track Biz Launcher")


6 Proven Steps to Tap into Buyer's Psychology and scientifically convert a cold prospect into a HOT Lead.

Value - $197


It's the advanced version. here you will find additional strategies to identify winning and ever-green sub-niches.

Value - $97


Instance access to all the video trainings that we conduct inside our private community on business, personal development, mindset, time management and many more exciting topics, to help you become great on things that you are already good at.


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